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Used Cars

The California Lemon Law applies to a used vehicle so long as the used vehicle is covered by a warranty and has had warranty repairs performed upon it. The same basic California Lemon Law rules apply to a used vehicle and a new vehicle. The important thing to establish is whether the used vehicle is covered by a warranty. If so the used vehicle may qualify for California Lemon Law remedies.

Car Dealers Must Play By the Rules
Car dealers must disclose certain information on the actual title when you buy a used automobile. For example, they are required to tell you if the car was used as a daily rental, if it was salvaged and other information that might affect your decision to purchase it. They are also required to give you truthful odometer information.

There are strict liability statues related to lemon law and odometer fraud. If a seller did not provide you the information you needed to decide whether or not to purchase a car, our law office can help you recover damages.

Is Your Used Car a Lemon?
Lemon laws exist to allow consumers to be compensated for defective consumer products, including used vehicles. They require that the problems are serious and within the warranty period, and that the dealer or seller be given a reasonable number of attempts to repair the problems. Vehicles sold “as-is” typically are not covered by Lemon Laws.

Hiring a lemon law lawyer is a way to get the attention you deserve, and with a free consultation, you can quickly learn how easily you will be able to permanently fix the issue(s) with your new-to-you vehicle.

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