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Defective Products

From our office in Los Angeles, California, Strategic Legal Practices provides skilled legal representation for clients in a range of consumer protection and civil litigation matters. We have the legal resources to battle the large corporations who are manufacturing dangerous products.

As consumers, we have the right to expect a product we bring into our home is free from dangerous or deadly defects. Manufacturers have a responsibility to give the public products that are safe. The defective products lawyers of Strategic Legal Practices take the defense of the public against dangerous products very seriously.

What Causes a Defective Product?
A product can be defective for many reasons, including:

  • Poor Design
  • Lack of Proper Warnings
  • Poor or Confusing Instructions
  • Poor Maintenance and Repairs
  • Faulty Construction or Assembly
  • Hazardous Materials used in Construction

California Defective Products Attorney
Almost any product has the potential of causing significant injuries; the following is a list of some of the defective product cases our Los Angeles, California defective products lawyers we handle:

  • Household products
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Childcare products and toys
  • Child safety seats
  • Baby and child toys
  • Bicycle design
  • Boat and personal watercraft defects

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The Los Angeles defective products attorneys at Strategic Legal Practices have the experience, skill and resources to take on any defective product case. We do not accept any attorney’s fees until we win money for our clients. To schedule a free, confidential consultation, contact us by email or call 310-277-1040 or toll-free at 888-757-5366.