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Contracts and Memberships

Despite their best intentions, many consumers find they don’t use the services provided under a long-term contract – or they find our extra charges have been added that they don’t want, need, or use. In addition, your circumstances might have changed and you need to adjust your service. If you lost your job, moved or added a new family member, it may be difficult to continue paying membership fees on services you no longer need or for services you did not authorize. If you are having trouble with the charges a company is billing you for, our Los Angeles consumer law office can help.

What is Cramming?
“Cramming” is the unfair practice of placing unauthorized, misleading, or deceptive charges on your bill. Often, businesses rely on using confusing bills and contracts in order to mislead customers into paying for services that they did not authorize or want to receive.

“Cramming” of Fees, Extra Charges, and Cancellation Fees
There are many businesses that cram bills, employ early termination fees, or other extra charges to customers that may be unjustified and/or illegal. Types of companies that practice this method include:

  • Telecommunication services: cell phone companies and land line providers
  • Satellite TV providers and cable TV Companies
  • Gym memberships

We understand the frustration that customers feel after being charged considerable amounts of money for their cellular phone service, gym membership, or other items or services unfairly. Some of these companies do not inform customers of contract terms or cancellation fees until the customers want to discontinue service or specifically ask about charges. Others do inform their customers, but have fees that are unreasonably high and are not pro-rated, charging the same fee regardless of whether a customer is in the first day or the last day of a contract.

Fees May Not Be Required, and in Some Cases They Can be Unlawful
Early termination fees may be viewed as penalties that are assessed to customers, in an illegal manner. This may be especially true when cancellation fees are they are used to prevent an unhappy customer from leaving a service that is not meeting up the reasonable expectation.

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